Way beyond Disappointments

As parents raising our own children we want the best for our children. We want to see them succeed in life. Well, when my son learned that he was going to get another sister instead of a brother he was very disappointment of the news. He already had two sisters. It’s always girls, girls, girls he mumbled under his breath.

It is very amusing as parents to take a glimpse into our children’s lives when they stepped out into the big world and forget the way they have been raised with morals,confidence, praise, justice, fairness, encouragement, security and faith, approval and acceptance and when they walked out to the world their minds become blank to where they forget their upbringing.  They interact with the wrong crowd or they marry the person parents disapprove of.  It is very amusing to glimpse into human expectations, but there is not a joking matter about disappointments.  Children disappointment their parents it crushes their hearts, saturates parents world.

Well there is a story in the bible that explains how steeped in disappointment, Jacob worked seven long years for the right to marry his bosses daughter Rachel. The story goes on explaining that after Jacob worked the seven years, fulfilling his contract with his boss Jacob got a whopper of surprise. Following the next morning Jacob discovered that it was not Rachel but it turned out to be Rachel’s sister Leah.

Jacob must have been very disappointment but try to imagine and focus how Leah must had felt. Her hopes and dreams that she may have had she may have thought they had washed away, just died another words as she was forced in marrying a man who did not love her or probably did not even desired her to take as his wife.

Psalms 37:4, says “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you desires of your heart.” Are we to believe as God fearing people are never to have to face disappointments in life. Well, Life is a mystery, for we are never gone to know what is going to happen from one moment to the next. In the end, children may bring some disappointments in their parents eyes but God blessed the world with our Savior Jesus Christ who will bring justice, and restore our hope, and will give us and inheritance that is way beyond our widest dreams.

If we wait patiently for good things to happen and ask God to forgive us for trying to compare our children to other parents children and complaining what our children didn’t do or what we don’t have, ask God to help to encourage you to look at it a whole new way. Jesus Christ is the only friend who never will disappoint you. Look at it in a positive way instead of looking at disappointment in a negative prospective. Hope in the Lord is the only way for the Holy Spirit who lives within us and when we look at in a spiritual way we are never alone.