walking with nuts

Walking with Nuts for Your Vitamins

Smiling like nuts while walking

If there are things more useful than bring home the bacon, it is remembering to pay for it. Walking with nuts takes on curious if not entirely strange connotations when one considers today’s world.
Coconuts, walnuts, peanuts and hexagonal steel nuts are all useful. You must be wondering about the coconut — it does not seem to belong to the group, does it? Yet it is there. It has saturated fatty acids that help transport fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Vitamin E to different parts of the body. The metabolism loves these vitamins and does plenty of things like hormone synthesis and stuff. It reminds me of the Bermuda Triangle secret — never heard of them yet.
To get back to the nuts, we need them. The walnuts and peanuts — to make the movies more bearable to watch and the steel nuts to keep the car wheels from slipping off when we are driving and making it off on its own. Not that we have anything against freedom and individuality but togetherness counts a lot when we are traveling at 60 MPH.
So, health wise these nuts count a lot — I keep on repeating this mantra right through the day. It helps me keep calm. At times, it makes me smile. I mean like what will the nuts be without me!

Keep your smile for the nuts

Personally I prefer peanuts. Whether I am traveling by water or over land, driving or walking whether I am single or married…oops sorry it should read or with a group, peanuts livens up the entire scene. It is cheap, nobody objects when you eat peanuts and it is easy to carry them around too. It helps digestion.

Think about carrying a tire around and you will appreciate peanuts. Yeah, the comic too. So, there you have it, walking is useful for health.