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Use These 5 Tricks to Make Your Webinars Fun and Engaging

It’s a reality: webinars can be dry and dull. You know, the ones where everybody’s tuning out, and you’re probably going to lose most of your audience? Yeah, those. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many webinars fall flat because they’re boring and don’t engage the audience. However, there are several things you can do to make your webinar more fun and engaging.

1. Use the Right Webinar Creation Tools

What are you using to create your webinar? The best tool to make your content should deliver all your requirements. You need to consider several things when choosing the right platform to use. The platform should allow you to interact in multiple ways with your audience. It should also provide:

  • Several branding options.
  • Meeting tools.
  • Social networking sharing.
  • The ability to create videos in real-time.

To ensure that you have all the above, you can use a tool such as the EventPro event management system that offers many of these elements at reasonable pricing.

2. Tune-up your script 

If a good chunk of your presentation is talking about the perfect temperature for a cup of tea or how much time you spent in college, it’s going to make people want to drift off. Or, at the very least, it’s going to reduce your audience’s interest in your current topic.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Make sure you’re showing actual people, companies, and examples of how your product or service can make their lives easier.

3. Add Some Humor 

Humor is a great way to help keep people engaged and wanting to listen. Don’t go overboard – it’s not a stand-up comedy routine – but sprinkling in some light-hearted moments and jokes can help people stay interested. A great way to add humor is through compelling stories that entertainingly make your point. Remember – you want to connect with people, so make sure your jokes and stories are easy to relate to.

4. Create a call-to-action 

While it’s tempting to make a webinar just one big sales pitch, the best ones have a call-to-action that people can take action on. For example, if you’re offering financial or legal advice, include specific links so your viewers can apply what they’ve learned or contact the companies you mention in the presentation.

If you’re selling a product, include an offer for a discount or incentives for people to buy something that relates to your topic. While you don’t want to omit your call-to-action if it’s a vital part of your webinar, you also don’t want to make it intrusive and distracting. Keep your presentation about the information and let people know how they can take action.

5. Plan for some Interactivity 

One of the most exciting parts of a webinar is a two-way conversation instead of simply a lecture. For example, if you’re advising on building a website, add a segment where you get to receive questions from the viewers. Don’t lead the conversation – instead, let the audience members take over and ask questions. The best webinars include some interactive elements that get the audience involved the entire time.

To make your webinar more engaging and exciting, you need to incorporate all these tips. While there are undoubtedly other ways to make your webinar more fun, these are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind.

Remember: your audience comes to you for a reason. Show them how your product or service can help them succeed in some way and make it fun for them.