Types of Market Research

Customer development often starts with one-on-one conversations and interviews with prospective customers to identify potential product/service opportunities. After these initial conversations, companies validate customer needs through business modeling or building a solution prototype. This process helps teams to test their ideas, get feedback from customers, and decide what features to build to maximize customer satisfaction. Below are some ways to conduct market research.

Hire a Freelancer/ Professional

A common practice is hiring a professional or freelancer. According to business development experts like Kevin Cohee, the individual should have a customer development background, create a survey, and send it to your target audience. After receiving answers from prospects, companies can use this data to determine how well their ideas resonate with the market.

Use of Online Survey Platforms

Using online survey platforms to gather feedback from users is a good way to reduce costs and improve data quality. Tools such as Google Forms are great for this type of research. They offer multiple possibilities for data collection. For example, companies can send personalized invitations to prospects, set the survey deadline, and analyze responses in real-time.

Conducting In-Depth Interviews

Another option for collecting feedback from customers is conducting in-depth interviews. These conversations are aimed to identify potential product/service opportunities. They also provide valuable insights into how customers think about their problems. To conduct in-depth interviews, teams rely on tools such as Skype or Zoom to communicate with their prospects. This type of research is very helpful when companies need to learn more about the attitudes and behaviors of their target audience. It helps understand how they solve their problems.

Interviewing Potential Customers at Events or Conferences

Another way to conduct market research is by interviewing potential customers at events or conferences focused on a particular industry. For example, suppose a company is interested in consumer robotics. In that case, they can request meetings with people who already own this type of product. The company can ask questions related to purchasing and using their device. The advantage of doing these interviews in person is that businesses can ask follow-up questions. Companies also clarify information to get the whole picture.

Online Communities Interviews

Another option is finding online communities. Here, people discuss certain topics related to a business. Firms interview members to learn more about their problems, interests, and preferences. Community interviews are a great way to get in touch with influential customers and learn about their problems. However, they usually do not provide information about what people say behind companies’ backs.

Use of Focus Groups

The traditional way of conducting market research is using focus groups. The groups involve respondents discussing their experiences with certain products or services. These conversations are recorded so that researchers can listen to them. Researchers use them to identify common themes and trends. The most useful information gathered from focus groups is how people talk about your product and competition.

Customer development is very useful for startups and companies that develop and launch new products and services. Market research allows businesses to create products that truly solve customer problems. This helps minimize the risk of wasting time and money on creating something nobody will use.