Two Building Materials That Have Recycled Alternatives

You can buy your building materials brand new off the production line or you can get their recycled versions. The former obviously has more of an environmental impact than the other. If you want to leave a better world for future humans, consider using the recycled versions of these building materials below.

1. Recycled Plastic

As plastic does not decompose for hundreds of years, it is probably best to keep plastic trash out of the environment. Instead, you can keep it inside the structure of your home in a multitude of different forms. Recycled plastic can be used in insulation, floor tiles, carpet, and more. In addition, the material has the benefit of being long-lasting due to, as mentioned above, its resistance to decomposition. It also gives strength to whatever it is added to along with a resistance to fire, weather, and pests.

2. Reclaimed Wood

While it is true that wood can be easily broken down into nutrition for other plants, it’s a waste to do so when the wood is still viable for reuse. Besides, not reusing wood just means that more trees will be cut down and more energy will be used to cut down those trees. Reclaimed wood can be used in just about anything including walls and flooring. It can also give homes a gorgeous look. In addition, the wood itself gets more environmental points for keeping out the cold and saving you from using up a lot of energy. So consider asking for reclaimed wood when looking in North Florida home builders.

Some people might think that you should have just bought a more sustainable material. However, those materials may either not suit your design or structural needs or work within your budget. Just remember that doing your best still helps the environmental cause.