The 6 best selfie apps on Android of 2021

Selfies have become quite popular in recent years and the custom is only growing. The same can be said of the applications for selfies on Android, more demand represents more apps, but not all of them carry a quality mark.

There are quite a few applications available in the Google Play Store focused on taking selfies, and some of them are really good, capable of getting the best out of you, you must find the one that best suits your needs.

So if you are looking for an application that helps you bring out your best side, with interesting and useful filters, we are going to show you a selection that we have made for you.

Each of these apps has its own characteristics, and they are all quite compelling in their own way. Please note that these apps are not listed in any specific order. With that said, feel free to check them out. Enjoy what for us are the best applications for Android selfies as well as the best online casinos to try this year. Let’s go!

The best Android selfie apps of 2020

Bestie: selfie camera – Android selfie camera

Bestie is one of the most popular selfie camera apps for Android on the Google Play Store. This camera offers real-time skin beautification effects, including over 100 filters for portrait mode selfies. This application also allows you to play with animated stickers (or stickers) if you see fit. The camera is also quite fast for taking selfies, and it has precise face detection and tracking technology. The app is free, although it comes with ads.

BeautyPlus – Smart Photo Camera

BeautyPlus is another very popular selfie camera app for Android. This app comes from Meitu Limited, and it offers a pretty cool user interface. The app comes with a ton of features that may appeal to you. It includes a full face editor in the app, and the same goes for the eye editor. You can remove bags and dark circles, for example. It has an option for automatic retouching in real-time, and the same can be said for a lot of other tools that will give your selfies a professional touch.

Candy Camera – beauty camera, photo editor

Candy Camera has been with us for a long time and already has more than three million reviews. This app comes with beauty filters and a fairly diverse range of filters. This app can slim you down, put on some lipstick, and even mascara. It has a very complete editor. It also offers lots of stickers and you can also create collages.

YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect brings real-time skin and facial beauty effects. You can edit your photos with a fairly complete photo editor. An object clipping and removal tool is available among the tools, which is not something you see often in similar apps. You can create collages, grids, and frames, as well as include face and body editing tools.

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

The B612 app comes with over 1,500 stickers that you can choose from. There are also quite a few effects available, like the comic effect, for example. This app can enhance your skin tone with one click, while you can also edit your face shape. B612 even lets you add music to your photos, to make them more fun. Interestingly, you can even take funny boomerang videos that will play in a loop. Besides this app, you can try a new usa online casino on your Android.

Sweet Selfie Android – Best Beauty Selfie Camera

Sweet Selfie also brings tons of cool filters and special stickers. You can create collages or for example, add blur effects. It also has a retro image function, as well as real-time effects. You can also edit your face almost entirely. For example, it can lighten your skin or narrow your nose. Sweet Selfie also allows you to edit your hairstyle.