The Google ‘Project Ara’ Not this year

Previous month “project Ara” was released some in sequence about. In the Google quoted media information that the 015 project Ara’s formal appearance.

By now more than half of the year, but so far away from the product to the market is not yet materialize.

For the moment, a new report has a special project Ara. Google’s modular developed program listening carefully on this phone was not yet at the end of the year, and the product will be too late to get an official release. He is described as a 016 year period.

According to information, Google in exacting the project to post news tuatara project and the individual in charge of the official Twitter page of a circle. He said the corporation planned to post some twinkle of light. According to the rearrangement of the publication of the manufactured goods has been set on the day after that year.

Also be aware that the phone corporation to open some space right at the present is in the United States. In this look upon, however, did not talk about the deadline.

By the way, project Ara Google is a development for developing the modular phone. According to the arrangement of the different parts of the phone can be collective. Users of modern excellence of these phones can enjoy the toy with Lego blocks. The look for giant has seen the future of the open source hardware development themselves.