The Doman System

I write about the Glen Doman, How to correct you’re brain injured child, amongst other books he and his children have written.

The basis is that if you are prepared to work hard, and to make materials and use them in a daily routine, you can achieve great things with you’re child.

My partner and I are currently working through, Your Baby can Read, Teach your Baby Maths, How to give your baby Encyclopedic knowledge and one about getting your child to walk and move and do monkey bars and other stuff.

Overall the quality and the information and research backed up within the books is second to none, Doman is part of “The Institutes for The Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), founded in 1955 by Glenn Doman and Carl Delacato,”

This is a remarkable place where they treat lots of things from very serve brain injuries to helping Autistic children come on leaps and bounds, our daughter is currently being taught through this program as myself and her mother both have ASD though we’re much older and able to compensate.

However we have seen a few things in terms of recognizing words and doing actions, which previously we would never of thought possible.

So if you have a child with learning difficulties or life impairing disabilities. I recommend giving the Glen Doman system a trial.

The books can be bought on google or direct from the institute as they have their own press called the Gentle revolution, now I won’t say its not a criticized book because their are many who nay-say about the program because their fear pushing their children and the power that high intellectuals can have and they fear this for many reasons.