Serious Steps to Review Your Schedule

Nothing becomes more tedious than waking up and finding that you forgot to buy soap for your bath. Not that it matters, but the soap adds an elegant touch to an otherwise despicably dull activity. So to bring some lightness in this serious step in your schedule, we have included swimming. Swimming has what it takes. You can go where you like and just float in the water. You can send bubbles up and the world will not mind.

Opening the morning paper is another step included in the schedule for most of us. There is very little to read except for the comics section where the cartoon characters try very hard to be like real people. I am trying to convince my dad to subscribe to comics instead of the newspaper. It will brighten up my schedule seriously.

One serious step that many of us confront is the effort of squeezing the shopping in between the morning bath and the dash for the bus to the office. I normally do not have this problem but ever since our vegetable vendor fell sick I am doing a 200 or so meter dash to the vegetable shop to keep food on the table.

Not many of us alter our schedule because of the things like office work, shopping and relaxing on the beach in the evening from 5 to 6. From 6 to 7 we are busy searching for our house. By 7 we are all settled in and then our schedule grinds to a halt. We forgot to pay the electricity bill. I roll up my cuffs. There has to be a candle somewhere in the house.

That reminds me of the Case of the Crooked Candle. Wonder how E.S. Gardener got that candle to stand up crooked. Maybe it attended a school where they teach people to stand crooked. Or at least fix candles crooked. Such a serious step should not be included in the schedule.


The candle might keep falling off.