Reggae Bob Marley

Reggae music has become the cornerstone of my music hobby

Reggae music origin

Reggae was a rebels music that was born in the Caribbean region in the America continent. It brings togetherness amongst black slaves. Herein, the native Americans tortured black people in creating industries. Additionally, this happened about 400 years ago. Consequently, discrimination and racial disparity was born as a result. It specifically came from Jamaican islands. The blacks were not seen important after industrial revolution. They were put in the diverse part of the world. A place where they wouldn’t prosper. However, they came together and help each other.

Reggae Bob Jamaica

Legends and veterans

The first people to come up with this music were Tuff gong band. Moreover, Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) was the band’s leader. Additionally, many people love his sweet songs. Furthermore, he is known as the prophet by many blacks. Another person is Bunny Livingstone Wailer. Many fans respect Bunny Wailer for his mature music and talent. Moreover, another member of the band was the late Peter Tosh.

Reggae gong


Bob Marley kept talking about reggae everlasting reign. His offspring are making great impact in the industry. Additionally, these include Kymani Marley, Stephen Marley and Damian Marley. They are making cool music that has received great recognition. Worldwide market for the music is growing rapidly. The music will never die that is for sure. Reggae is being sang by a lot of new artists who are white. Therefore, the industry is spreading all over the world. White reggae artists include Gentleman and Alborosie.

Reggae children

What about dance-hall music?

Evidently, Jamaicans are very creative in coming up with new variants of this music. Therefore, Dance-hall music is a one variant of reggae music. Hence, Dance-hall stems from this music. Many artists of reggae music has come up with dance-hall music. These include Busy Signal, Richie Spice and Damian Marley. Additionally, Damian Marley also sing Hip Hop songs.

Reggae Damian