The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Singer of the Day

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, do you know them?

Originating in Florida, childhood friends Ronnie Winter and Duke Kitchens started the band while attending an AP music theory class, in 2001. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was officially formed in 2003 after the addition of other members that were currently in other bands. The band name, ‘Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’, was chosen by the band voting for random words they threw on a wall

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus worked with Vision Sound studios in Orange Park, Florida, which released a “6 song EP CD that was spread throughout different countries to promote the band in 2005”. The band also began to become more popular as they used certain social media (Myspace) to advertise their music.While popular in their local scene, the band found it difficult to secure label support. This is why the band had taken time to write songs for a “period of 18 months before they went into the live scene.”As they continued to increase live shows and performances, Red Jumpsuits’ fan base continued to build to an almost unheard-of level for a local band. This escalating fan base attracted Jason Flom of Virgin Records in 2005 where they then started to work on their first album.

2005-2007: Don’t You Fake It

In 2006, they released their first LP, Don’t You Fake It, with the singles “Face Down”, “False Pretense”, “Your Guardian Angel”, and “Damn Regret”.

The album was certified gold on November 27, 2006 by the RIAA for sales shipments exceeding 500,000 copies. In February 2007, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus headlined the US Take Action Tour organized for the prevention of youth suicide, along with bands such as My Chemical Romance and Rise Against. Their song “In Fate’s Hands” is featured in the video game Madden NFL 07, their song “Face Down” is featured in the video games Saints Row 2 and MX vs. ATV: Untamed, and their song “False Pretense” is featured in the movie Never Back Down.


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Don’t You Fake It Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD) was released on February 23, 2007. The CD features the album and two exclusive songs, an acoustic version of “Face Down” and a never released out of Australia bonus track “Disconnected”.

On May 3, 2007, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus performed on Fort Rucker, Alabama to help benefit the rebuilding of Enterprise High School after it was destroyed by a tornado on March 1, 2007.

Also, in May 2007, the band’s single, “Face Down”, was featured in the movie Georgia Rule.


2008-2009: Lonely Road

In June 2007, according to, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus began to work on their second album, Lonely Road, that had “a tentative release date being summer 2008.”[The band was then pulled out of their confirmed appearances at the Australian Soundwave festival tour 2008, after their label president promised to pay money that was owed and have the band in the studio, but instead didn’t pull through.

In April 2008, the band began an acoustic tour on the east coast in various locations with the group Amaru, who is from the same home town. Ronnie said that the tour felt like they were “Getting back where we all started.”



Beginning in October 2008, Matt Carter had replaced former guitar player Elias Reidy. Carter was seen working as a tech for the band in the winter and spring of 2008. He had previously jammed with the band before, but decided to pursue something else. Matt was asked to take his spot and has agreed to play with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. In an interview with a Jacksonville newspaper, Ronnie was asked whether or not Matt was officially in the band, to which he responded, “I don’t know. I guess he’s in the band. We’re taking it slow.” Matt has been playing with red jumpsuit ever since.