Love locks of Hair

I left my hair grow long for one simple reason and that reason was to donate my long hair to locks of love. Locks of love is a program where people donates their long hair to patient’s who have cancer. Now that I been diagnose with hypothyroidism I am not able to donate my hair to locks of love because of the condition of my hair. It is dry, brittle after having to have my thyroid removed with iodine and radiation.

Locks of Love asks participants who desires to donate their hair to locks of love for their hair to be ten inches long or more and have minimal damage to their hair. It is a non profit charity based in United States, they created wigs from the hair that was donated in making wigs for children in the Canadian and United States of America who is in need of a wig due to the children with series medical condition that has permanently lost their hair.

Originally, Locks of Love is connected to a profit retailer which the hair is sent to for the retailer to make wigs. The hair is considered to be part of the human body as it is would analogous to human being’s blood. Now locks of love have received many criticism to have poor accountability practices. The hair that individual donates does not actual go to the person that donates to, the hair is donated to sick children who is most in need.

George Parrors who is in the National Hockey league have left his hair grow long since of his professional hockey career have first begun and donates his long hair to Locks of Love. Locks of Love does not accept all hair, hair that has been damaged from over dying it, other reasons hair has been damaged. It is good charity organization but not all of the profit goes to children with cancer or other illness. Lot pf the profit is spent on making the wigs and paying the retailer for creating the wigs.

I don’t much about Locks of Love just want I heard people say and from their own experiences. I think it is a good organization and charity if the hair is being used and as the charity claims out to be. I have only donated my hair on one occasions and that has been years ago so some rules may have changed I don’t know.

All hair is collected and being used for a good cause but it costs money too, to have wigs made and to pay the retailer who makes the wigs and I believe it comes out of the pockets of all the donations that is being donated.

In what ways have you learned to show love to others?

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