One ends, another begins

I have written my daily journal online using an internet site, but this morning I could not use it. When I checked my emails I found an email from them offering a pro account at a discount price! That made me very upset, as my journal has nothing to do with money. I paid some money for a Pro account soon after joining, but I was never treated as if I had. They just kept adding reminders about their Pro account, reducing the space one had left to write on. I had a look in their Settings section and there I found a Delete option, so that was exactly what I did. I am very loyal to my journals and I wrote in one for more than 8 years, but it suddenly disappeared, living me with no place to write my daily journals any more. As I was thinking what to do next, I received another email offering me a new site and here I am. I am happy, as my life continues and I need to keep on writing some more.
I think I will also refer this site to my sister and I’m sure she is going to like as I do! One cannot only write a journals here, but even articles for which one can get paid.
Actually, I am also thinking of writing an article about living my life with Multiple Sclerosis, as I read an article written by Yaro Starak, where he advices one of his students who feared not being a medical professional. I’m not one either, but I have MS experience, as I have lived with it for several years in a few countries too!