Might a Change in Plans be Good for Me Here?

My original plan was to use SkyPip to blog exclusively about my city, Amarillo, Texas. The idea was to get myself indexing and then earn from being discovered via search engines.

My plans were noble and worthy, to say the least.

But, since we don’t earn from external views and, I can’t write on Amarillo enough to stay on the home page, this plan isn’t working so well. It seems the best way to maximize earnings here is to keep a steady stream of posts up, in order to be found on the home page. Even commenting won’t draw any readers since our comment profiles don’t link to our profiles.

I’m just going to need to expand my topics of conversation, if I ever hope to make more earnings here, on this site. And, I really do want this site to be a success. I’m just like everyone else, in hoping to get another revenue stream rolling along nicely. We all need money.

I’ll keep my username, of course and, every now and then, this city will be my topic but, I must adjust my plan to what works.

Wouldn’t you?

I wish there were some way to get subscribers or to be otherwise discovered. I guess I could go and place a shirt-tail on my posts to make older posts more discoverable. But, that’s all on me.

So, you’ll see a few more posts from me on other topics, besides this city. Writing about Amarillo and Amarillo alone, is simply not enough for me to be successful here. I’ll have to share a little more about life and politics and maybe even a little bit on entertainment, too. Who knows?

Okay, off to change my profile a bit.