It’s a nice feeling…

If you need a bit of an uplift, it’s a nice feeling to check off the things that you get accomplished during the day.

This morning Mom and I had errands to run, so we:

  1. Went to the post office so that Mom could ship something she’d sold on eBay.  I had some things that I normally would have put on the mailbox, but thought that since Mom was going to the post office I would just take them along and stick them into the slot in the post office lobby.
  2. After the post office, we headed to Michael’s craft store.  Mom needed some embroidery floss for smocking on her doll clothes.  When I heard before we left that Michael’s was one of the places that Mom wanted to go, I grabbed one of the skeins of embroidery floss that I noticed I was running out of last night, as the card the skein was on had the floss’s number on it, and I could pick another up while Mom and I were at Michael’s.  I didn’t want to run out of it while I was still working on the bookmark that I’m currently making.
  3. When we were done at Michael’s, Mom took me to church so that I could drop off a check.  A man had emailed one of the church men asking for help in getting Bibles for some new Christians, so I helped in the way that I could.

After that stop, we came home.  Now I plan on writing until lunch, doing Bible study after lunch, and doing some more writing. 🙂

Many times I have written a physical list and checked things off as I did them.  While I wasn’t able to do that today, it’s still a nice feeling to look at my list on line or in my head and “check off” the things I’ve gotten accomplished. 🙂

If you don’t think you’ve accomplished much during the day, take a moment and go though what you’ve done since you woke up.  You may very well be pleasantly surprised ! 🙂