Hello everyone !

This is my first post here, as I just discovered the site this evening, (how long exactly has this site been around?) and I wanted to give a little bit of an introduction to myself. 🙂

My name is Stacey, and I am forty-four, will be forty-five in November. 🙂

I have lived in California all of my life–as well as the same town.

I have enjoyed writing since I was pretty small–and I have actually had the privileged of having a few things published.  Nothing huge, or big and famous, but my work is out there.  These days I write poetry and short stories–mostly poetry, because poems are generally shorter, and  take less time to write (and who has a lot of time on their hands these days?

I have one brother, who is a year and eleven months younger than me.  He is married and has three children–my uber handsome nephews (ages ten, seven, and two).

I note that this site is WordPress based, but it seems a little different than some WordPress sites I’ve been on.  I hope that I can warm up to it.

I would love to hear from anyone out there who has advice/can give me some idea of what I should  be posting here,  or would just like to say hello.  That last one is certainly always appreciated.  I hope to be  able to be around for a while, and I hope that I can figure out some posts to write that will actually hold someone’s interest.

Thank you for taking the time so stop by my introductory post.  I hope to be able to explore the site more soon so that I can get to know it better, and of course take a look around at other people’s posts.  🙂