In Trouble in work

So today I got in trouble in work 🙁

I have worked for my employer for 18 months in a Mental Health Hospital. In that time I  and have never been in trouble before. In fact I have earned 4 bonuses for good performance. So I think I am a well thought of member of staff. I am hard working and always go well beyond what most people do or achieve each day. I have never had a problem with any member of staff management or otherwise.

What on earth happened?

You might be thinking then, what could you have done to get in trouble. Well this is the ridiculous thing. All I did was voice my opinion. We have a new manager and she made a decision that I thought was ridiculous so I made my thoughts known. Now I have never worked anywhere where you aren’t able to voice your opinion, but it would appear I do now.

I got called into the manager’s office for a telling off which I found so unnecessary. I basically got told I don’t have enough experience in the industry and that’s why I don’t know what I am talking about.  She did say that I wasn’t in trouble and wouldn’t be told off for voicing my opinion while in the next breath telling me off.

I have been told it isn’t going to go any further which is good but I hate the fact that I am meant to be grateful for that, like I actually did anything wrong. It’s a sad world when women don’t stand up for each other and you are put down for having an opinion. I guess it would be better if I were a robot and just nodded along with everything like the rest of the bobble heads I work with.

Rant Over!