Animals are Angels in disguises

I have more trust in Animal than people

From the very first day I learn to talk and walk people has left me down. Some of these people called me their friends, their daughter, their sister. I total understand it is life when I am trying to live a Christian life and they have chosen to live the worldly life but there are no excuses to hurt someone to cause them so much pain.

If there was anybody I have hurt intentionally I am the first to go to them and say I am sorry. With animals I can more relate too. I can relate to animals that have been abandoned, abused, because I have walked in their paths. I have walked in their paths to where they trusted in their owners and loved their owners unconditionally.

I can communicate with animals and actual read their body language if they are depressed, are in pain. A dog will love their Master no matter if they beat them or not. A dog will protect and serve their master and take a bullet for their Master? More we can say how humans treat one another. How children treat their elderly parents today.

The world we live in today is heading down to a dark path of destruction. All you hear on the news today, someone murdered someone, or a child has been abducted and killed by the hands of a child abductor. They prey on children and animals because they are innocent and pure.  A female human or male human won’t choose a victim that will fight back and stronger than them.

Well the more I meet people the more I love and dedicated to my chihuahua. She was abused too. I adopted her from the Georgia Animal shelter. The first day I laid eyes on her we made a connection. Now the volunteer tried to convince me not to adopt her because she was old but when I held her in my arms she laid her head down upon my shoulder and there was tears flowing from her eyes. I started breaking down in tears. I felt her pain, I felt her depression. I told the shelter volunteer she is the one God wanted me to adopt.

I am happy I did get her out of there because the shelter had plans to put her down. “Oh, so when we get old, wonder if my children or family member gone to decide to put me down because I no longer will be able to get around. Wonder sometimes.

I don’t like some people but the bible says; taken from Mark 12:30,31, First and second commandment. Thy shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength:

Thy shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. I will be obedience to the Lord to His commandments.