Beauty of a Garden

Why should we have a garden? Why should the clock have two hands?

Gardens are the adornment the house wears. It reflects in part, the taste of the house owner, the orientation of the family…well to an extent and adds to the environmental aspect of the neighborhood. What are gardens?

Gardens are located within the outer periphery of the house — usually a compound wall or a fence and the house proper itself. It comprises of the biosphere that the house owner wants to grow. Some of these would be kitchen garden vegetables like lettuce, tomato, potato, cabbages, peas and celery. You will also find many fruits like papaya, banana, pomegranate, and plums.

Herbs too, form a good part of the vegetation grown in a garden. The kitchen garden does what it has to — give some eatables to the household. ┬áCilantro, basil, rosemary, sage and mint add good nutritive value to any meal. These herbs do not require much attention other than weeding, watering and regular application of fertilizers.

I like spending time out in the garden since this helps me relax. The birds sometimes come sit on the branches of the fruit trees and sing their sweet songs making the entire place a wonderful haven of peace and rest. Of course, they pick the songs…it will not take any requests.

One must make sure the fertility of the garden soil is maintained. If you maintain a garden right through the year, make sure you are applying fertilizer at least once every three months. The house always looks so good with the fruits and vegetables growing in the garden. It makes a good conversation point for the neighbors who are ready to enquire whether the flowers are blooming and the peas are growing fine.