How to Find the Right Management Consultant for Your Company

The need for management consultants has increased over the last few years, as companies of all sizes turn to professionals who can help improve their business operations and increase efficiency. While there are many management consultants in the marketplace, not all will be a good fit for every organization – how do you find the right one? Here are some guidelines on where to start your search:

Use Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to find a great management consultant is by asking others if they have any recommendations from their own experiences. Since you are looking for a professional to help your organization, ask people who have worked with management consultants in the past if they would recommend any to you. Often, companies will only use management consultants that come highly recommended by others who have had positive results from their services in the past.

Find Someone with Relevant Industry Experience

The best management consultants for your company will be those professionals that have plenty of relevant industry experience – this means any past client work should be done with companies that operate in similar markets and face similar issues as your own. This industry knowledge isn’t always available within one firm; many times, consultants will specialize in various business niches, so make sure you find someone whose area of expertise is closely aligned to your company’s needs.

Make Sure They are Qualified

Within the management consulting industry, there are many different types of consultants – make sure that you hire someone qualified like Michael Canzian to do the specific tasks you request. For example, if your organization requires assistance with operations improvement, then look for a consultant whose main area of expertise is in creating lean business processes (not one that comes from an IT background). This way, you can be assured that their recommendations will be based on real-world experiences and proven results.

Look for Certification & Education

Another great way to find out if a management consultant is truly qualified is by looking at their professional certifications and educational background. There are many different individual certifications, but the most well-known are the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation and the Business Innovation Factory Certification – both of these are highly respected within the industry. As for the educational background, many management consultants have at least a degree in business administration, information technology, or engineering.

Determine What Type of Help They Can Provide

When it comes to management consulting services, there are generally two different types that can be provided – either project-based or ongoing. Project-based contracts are typically short-term in nature, usually lasting no longer than 6 months with most often being between 3 months and 1 year.

The benefit here is that you get to work with one consultant for your entire project duration; the downside is that most consultants (and their firms) will not match the lower rates that may be available for ongoing support. Ongoing contracts, on the other hand, provide you with access to management consultants with longer-term relationships – this allows for a steady flow of new ideas and recommendations with little disruption to your business operations.

And there you have it – using these 5 tips should help guide your search for the right management consultant firm to take your company’s performance to the next level.