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How Geiger Updates Apocalyptic Comics for the Better

Geoff Johns is a comic legend who has innovated many new ideas and stories over the years. His work with DC and Marvel speaks for itself, as does his self-created and curated work. For example, his work on Geiger has transformed the apocalyptic fiction world forever with bold and engaging new concepts. His latest announcements promise more considerable advances that will take comics to a new realm.

What Geiger Brings to the Field

When Johns created Geiger in 2019, the comic was immediately hailed as one of his best works. His unique twist on apocalyptic fiction includes a fascinating character, Geiger, who survived a horrifying accident to become more powerful than he could have imagined. His new powers let him leave the city for the first time since the Unnamed War to explore the country and attempt to find a new life for himself and maybe a place where he feels comfortable living.

Geiger runs into many superpowered heroes and villains during his travels, including some fascinating characters that contrast with his experience. Johns uses differing personalities and approaches to showcase how people react to difficulties. Johns’ clever and intelligent writing uses fun dialogue, interesting philosophy, and action-packed excitement to make the comic move smoothly and keep it moving from story-point to story-point with ease.

By adding more in-depth characterizations to his work, Johns brings his trademark intelligence and story-building methods to the apocalyptic genre that helps raise it a step or two. Furthermore, Johns also integrates a few new characters that add more texture to the story. One of these characters, Junkyard Joe, has already made his debut. However, another character takes things even further and makes this comic more exciting and entertaining.

How Johns is Advancing His Concept With The Redcoat

The Redcoat is a new immortal character earning a new comic in 2022. He gains his immortality during the American Revolution, hence his name. Since then, he has fought multiple wars and brought his intelligence and tactical insight into many conflicts. For example, he took part in the Unnamed War and remains an active member of the Geiger universe and a unique player in the field.

Unlike the Junkyard Joe, The Redcoat has a mercenary style with changing loyalties that make him an exciting and dynamic character. While mercenary characters are not uncommon in many apocalyptic stories, The Redcoat’s long life and raw intelligence make him a fascinating character to explore. He and Junkyard Joe add the extra touch of excitement to a comic and universe that’s already engaging many readers.

Comics for the Better
Comics for the Better

Staying Active in the Comic Scene

If you enjoy Johns’ work, it’s worth picking up a few issues of Geiger to see what he’s bringing to the scene. As a creator-driven comic, he handles all story creation and works with multiple artists to create distinct and engaging work. People who love apocalyptic comics, particularly those with both thoughtful dialogue and exciting action, will particularly enjoy this innovative work.