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How Do You Service An Industrial Air Compressor?

When you have an industrial air compressor, proper and regular service is critical. This improves its efficiency and helps to keep costs and energy consumption down. One industry this is useful in for example is the air conditioning industry, where air conditioning energy consumption, largely from compressors, amounts to 10 percent of the entire world’s energy consumption.

With regular service, industrial compressors for air conditioners and other business settings can help to increase efficiency while reducing electricity costs and consumption. Start with your owner’s manual when you are working on servicing your industrial air compressor. Use these tips for servicing your industrial air compressor next.

Pump Oil Levels

Checking your compressor oil pump levels regularly will provide preventive maintenance and service down the road. Make sure that your oil levels are adequate, and don’t operate your compressor without it. To check your oil levels, turn the compressor off and disconnect it. Let the compressor cool down before your service.

Take the cap off of the crankcase, and inspect it for dirt. You don’t want to see oil more than halfway past the point on the sight glass.

To change the oil, put a container for collection under the cap. Take the cap off to let the oil out. Replace the cap. Fill the crankcase with the most appropriate oil for your machine, as noted in your owner’s manual.

To change the filter, take the cap of the filter base off and turn it counter-clockwise. Take off the element that is in the filter base. You can clean it by blowing debris from the filter. Replace it as needed.

If your compressor is used regularly, you want to check the oil levels daily.

Maintenance Timelines for Industrial Air Compressors

Other daily maintenance routines that you should check with your industrial air compressor are oil leak inspections, water tank, air leak inspections, and belt inspections.

Specifically, check joints and connections for leaks of any kind. There are methods to provide leak prevention to your compressors that you can include as part of your daily maintenance.

All air filters should be checked weekly. Monthly maintenance should include safety valve checks, loose bolts, and leak connections. Annual checkups should include service to the overall pump and engine.

Create Your Maintenance Calendar

When you are servicing an industrial air compressor, your owner’s manual and your schedule will be the easiest tools to get the job done. Stay on schedule, and get to know your parts. Servicing your industrial air compressor is easier than you think.