Health Trends To Expect in 2020

What are you doing to take care of your health in 2020? From diet and nutrition to quitting unhealthy habits, an increasing number of people are looking to the future with their health in mind. Improving your own health means knowing what your body needs. Check out these expected health trends of the new year to see which ones could work for you!

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

More people than ever before seem to be going vegetarian, vegan, or at least cutting out some of the meat they typically consume. In 2020, plant-based meat alternatives are expected to become more popular, so much in fact that even fast-food chains are getting in on the action by buying into Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Some companies are even creating “shrimp” made from algae and “tuna” made from other legumes. Even cutting out one meat-filled meal per week is likely to have you feeling a little healthier over time.

An End To Traditional Nicotine Consumption

As of November 2019, cigarette use is at an all-time low, and vaping may have something to do with it. People who vape tend to get a bad rap, but the reality is that many people use vaping as a means of quitting cigarettes. Vape pens allow you to use lower doses of nicotine until you eventually phase it out completely, making it an alternative for people who can’t quit smoking cold turkey or who do not respond well to other cessation methods. It helps that sites like smokingthings make quitting regular cigarettes so convenient, too.

Sleep Is Moving to the Front of the Line

The culture of overworking and under-sleeping is slowly but surely falling by the wayside. In 2020, people are taking their sleep more seriously, and you should, too. People are putting their phones down earlier more often than not, leaving work at the office, and getting more restful sleep at night. Some large cities even have “nap bars” popping up for professionals to take power naps during their workday. Even if you only turn in early a few nights a week, the extra sleep is likely to help you feel more alert and rested.

Whether you’re treating your body better by putting fewer chemicals in it or ensuring you hit the hay a little earlier each night, one thing is certain: taking care of yourself now means you are more likely to lead a longer, healthier, and happier life. Take a hard look at which unhealthy habits you brought with you into the new year and make a game plan. Even if you only change one bad habit this year, it will make a difference!