Drought With A Chance of A Strong Storm

You have to agree with me when I say that the weather nowadays is just confusing.  One moment it is hot and not a minute later it is raining.  well, at least in the Philippines the weather is quite unusual.  For several months now the coutnry has been experiencing high temperatures.  Because of the heat, many parts of the country are suffering especially the farm lands.  But what is really unusual is that we are currently hosting a storm.

The extreme weather in our country is just bizarre. Of course it has been this way for a couple of years now.  when it is hot, it is really scorching.  And when rain comes  you can expect floods.  There seems to be no middle ground.


Filipinos have learned how to live in extreme situations.  We have been devasted by super typhoons and we are still here.  And in spite of the weird weather, we still try to live a happy life.  Weird as it may seem, but the country get this extremes often.  And sooner or later, what seems to be unusual weather might probably be the norm.

Preparation is key to any disaster situation – with rain or without one.  And it is good that many Filipinos have become more aware of the risks of the changing weather patterns.


Currently, we have a storm that is expected to devastate parts of the eastern part of the country.  While many are evacuating, many are still are experiencing really hot day.  That is how weird the climate is nowadays.  I would not believe that in my city, there is a storm signal warning.  But is is calm, and extremely hot.  Well, this is still a good news because we do not have to contend with a heavy downpour …just yet.