Date Poem for: October Thirty-First, 2015

For years, I did a series of poetry that I called “Date Poems”.  These were basically acrostics that I did using the letters in the day’s date–originally just the first letters.  For example, instead of writing out “SATURDAY OCTOBER THIRTY-FIRST, I would simply use the letters S_O_T_F.  Then, writing site started to require much longer posts, be it counting characters or words, so I needed to make them longer. I used to include the year too, but I have since mostly stopped doing that.  I used to try to do one for every day of the month, at least up to when said month ended.  The lines were random lengths, and there may or may not have been rhyme, depending on

These days I am so busy, that I haven’t really had the time to do them at all, but I don’t want to completely stop doing them, so I have decided, as I am today, to do them when I had time, thought of it, and just for the date that it happened to be.  This was one such day. 😉

So, below is a poem for, you guessed it, October Thirty-First (2015)


O gracious Lord, thou that

Came to Earth

To take on the form

Of a man

Because the Father so loved the beings on

Earth; His ungrateful Creation: You came to

Rescue us from the

Trappings of Satan’s lies, and the fires of

Hell.  You took our punishment, the pain and death that we deserved, and yet, most of the race  You created,

In your desire to have fellowship, do not

Return Your love, but rather they choose

To ignore You, or even deny that

You exist.  You still love them, You still wish to be their

Father,  but one day

It will be too late.  When Jesus

Returns, and

Sits on the Judgement Seat,

There will be no “do overs” of life.

© Stacey Uffelman 10-31-15