Business solution How to sell your product?

Business solution How to sell your product

While I started as a salesman, I was overcome by a book written by Jean-Marc Chapin entitled “To live be to sell”. This book showed that we all have from our birth, the ability to sell us. With this fantastic book I was able to discover this natural ability that we had to sell our ideas and to assert our views. Mr. Chapel there showed how we could do it with enthusiasm foolproof if we put there passion. This book was a revelation to me, a turning point in my career. It allowed me to discover that selling was a gesture not only easy, but also natural. Easy, if we had the passion for what we wanted to sell and natural if we found our home buyer a need for our product. I immediately realized that to be successful in my career salesman, I had not only loved but also be passionate for clients that I would serve and for the product that I would offer them. During my thirty-two years in as a representative and salesman, I had the opportunity to attend a variety of lectures by experts from all sectors of the world of selling. I have taken courses on the psychology of the seller, the buyer psychology, different types of buyers, analyzing their needs, as well as all other elements likely to influence a client’s choice of representative and product. Despite my success, I felt it was still missing something. When I concluded a sale, I sometimes felt like pushing too hard and even if the client seemed happy with his buy, I had the distinct feeling of having missed the boat. However, if I missed the sale, then I had the impression of not having adequately communicated with my client and again I felt a void. Regularly, I continued to attend various courses, always related to the sale. My technical approach improved, but still this feeling of not having done everything that needed to be done. I knew I was missing important elements. Consequently, when I asked for references, I was not very comfortable. I was still inhabited by the same passion for my career, my products and my clients. I always felt so much love and pride in everything I undertook and for those with whom I worked. I was plunged into the most total impasse. What to do? People prefer to buy and not to sell! And then one day, through a combination of circumstances, I realized that all in all, it’s easy to sell but not as easy as it was willing I believe. And now faced with this reality, I looked at things with a totally new look. I questioned everything and came to the conclusion that a simple change in my approach would do wonders and allow me to serve my clients more effectively. This discovery was the second turning point in my career. Indeed, people prefer to buy and not to sell. My approach to distribution and service to my client age has changed. Since I put everything possible to help my customers to make the purchase of the product that is best able to meet their needs. I go with them on their journey. I bring the necessary changes being purchased and after the sale and so make sure of their loyalty and their appreciation. Following this transformation, I am able to see greater openness on the part of my clients and better work together between them and me. And by the same token, I filled that void that I felt from the beginning of my career and seller that always made me as uncomfortable to ask for references. I have a satisfied customer, happy of his choice, enthusiastic and loyal who does not hesitate to refer and it often before I even asked. I love what I do, and this in turn is felt by the customer. The latter sees the guarantee of a good buy, honest, and that fills its real needs. I work in accordance with the expectations of the customer and according to best practices. This inspires confidence not only in me but in my product. The domino effect is. Listening and still listening the customer focus remains what is most important. A good listener will discover what he really wishes he realizes it or not and take you to see the different options available to him. When we crossed this step not only ensures his loyalty but we know that we will talk about her parents and friends. Therefore becomes a resource and referred referable. In future articles I therefore propose to share with you some experiences and techniques that I hope will help you in your career path. We speak of short, medium and long term action plan of solicitation, “networking”, and analysis of needs and many other topics of interest to you.