Business solution Attractive Business Communication

Business solution Attractive Business Communication:

One of your biggest challenges as a business leader or salesperson is to find new clients while consolidating your place with your current customers. To make this, it is of premium importance to market your products with a powerful written communication, which is relatively difficult because the customer is bombarded with information coming to him from everywhere. But if you want to increase your market share, you need to stand out among all this mass of written communications. What I mean by “written communications”? It’s your website, your emails, your letters, your brochures, your ads of all kinds, your signs, etc. In fact, these are all your writing to tell your customers that you exist and that you can help them. You’re written communications experience, every day, a fierce competition against thousands of others who have the same goal as you that is to say, draw the customer’s attention. According to a recent study, the average consumer in North America every day sees 3200 names of companies or products. Is that in your written communications, you have a solid structure that will get you out of the flock? Do your customers feel instantly arrested when they see what you want to communicate? If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, the following four (4) elements that give to your success using written communications more attractive.

1. Capture the attention of the customer: you have only one second to draw the attention of a customer. If it does not feel arrested immediately, it will have your document without even reading it. Have you ever noticed your own behavior when you go for your mail in your mailbox and there are brochures interspersed your letters? How long do you take to decide how to dispose of a particular pamphlet? Certainly not more than one second. Your client also reacts this way for all the writings that you send him. In general, you do not have more than one second to capture his attention. So that your written communications quickly grab their attention, you have to guide the reader’s eye on a title that is usually dominant at the top of the page. This title must be either a concern or a want to be an irritant or the client. In fact, the client must recognize the title and to do that, you need this title to be continuity of questioning that bothers her mind. This is not the time to talk about YOUR exceptional service, YOUR experience or any other element that refers to YOU because it does not interest anyone at this stage, unless you’re a famous person or your company is.

2. Hold the customer’s attention: after catching the attention of the client, you must now feed his curiosity, and to do that, you have only 5 to 10 seconds to reach this milestone. After reading the title, you must orient its focus to a text which has to be less important than the title, but more dominant than other text. To do to keep her interest, you should talk about the benefits and results that he will get if he purchased your products or your services.

3. Keep the attention of your customer: if you managed that your potential customer to read your document so far, is that your text is oriented according to its concerns. Now you can take the next step is to explain what you are doing. The customer will judge the soundness and credibility of your earlier statements (steps 1 and 2 above) based on its experience and analyze your ability to deliver what you promise. It is only at this point that you can talk about you: leave your greatest assets, ability, characteristics of your products, etc.

4. Submit an action: you must clearly express what the potential client must be action. It could be to contact you by phone to visit your website or to come to you, etc.