Business solution- Do you want to help your customer?

Business solution- Do you want to help your customer:

The main reason your customer buys from you is that he is convinced that you are the best to help him get what he wants. And what he wants, it is not your product, but the results and the benefits that your product will give it. So if you want to be successful in sales, your goal should not be to make a sale at any cost, but to help your client to get what he wants, because the more your efforts will be directed towards this goal and more you will be successful. Very often when I talk to a salesperson, from the first moments when I feel his desire dominant make a commission with me, I have this feeling that irritates me to no end. It is the same for the majority of customers. Yet that same seller will hasten to say that he wants to help his client when this is not what the buyer feels. Unfortunately, the seller is more concerned to meet its own needs, especially financial, that focus attention on the customer’s needs, and that the customer perceives it. The seller and the buyer have a different definition of “help “The seller is the following definition:” By offering my product to the buyer, this will help him get what he wants.”The definition of the purchaser is the following:” For a clerk help me, I have felt, on his part, a sincere feeling to want my well-being through its high level of competence and proposing solutions to my concerns to bring me a lot of value. “The clerk was popular understands the difference between these two definitions and he takes good care, every day, to improve its approach based on the definition of the word “help” interpreted by the buyer. We often tend to think that the seller who is performing thinks only make a lot of profit, but in reality, the real reason for his success is that he is able to further help his client than does its competitor. To capture good point of view of the buyer, dig deeper into the key elements of its definition of the word “help”: there are sincere feeling, ability and value.

FEELING SINCERE TO HELP THE CUSTOMER: The customer wants to receive your sincere and emotional want to want to help. He wants to feel that you forget yourself in the sales process and that you are fully focused to satisfy, as best possible, desires and concerns, while about your values and those of your business. In today’s market where the products are very similar and where it is the small things that make the difference between winners and losers, this attitude sincerely help your client will enable you to regularly outstrip your competitor to the finish line.

EXPERTISE : Every day, you can help many people and it is quite possible that you get little success in your life if this aid is not associated with your area of ability. For an interesting leverage, and that your help more quickly propels you to success, help others as much as possible in your jurisdiction. Improve your knowledge every day to develop specific ability and help people get what they want with this ability.

VALUE: For you to give value to the customer, it must want to be assisted and s it does not want your help, you are wasting your time and his. This value is not determined by you but by the customer. We all know that a single gesture can have a lot of value for a person and be completely useless for another. So to be able to give value to the customer, you must understand its concerns, desires and goals. If you do not know these before you make your offer, it is very likely that you will not help your customer. In general terms, learning to “help his client” is like learning to swim. It is not just to say “I want to become a champion in swimming,” you have to train every day to become the best. If you decide to become a master in sales, be diligent to understand in depth the intricacies of the words “HELP HIS CLIENT” and to apply them in your daily life. This will probably take you a few years to master, but this aspect of the sale is the cornerstone as a basis for obtaining great success as a clerk, while achieving a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.