8 Ways to Learn Foreign Language Easily

Do you want to learn foreign language easily? Having an ability in more than one languages will help you, not only to gain much knowledge but also more income.


To be mastered in a new language, it will be depended on the language difficulty, how long or how often you study, the quality of your study, and your ability in acquiring the language.

Language learning
Language learning

A research done by American Council of  Teaching Foreign Language found that learning new language will improve your cognitive ability and development. Then, having an ability in two languages or more will improve your verbal and spatial abilities.


Here, I have some ways to help you learn new languages.


1. Reading Novel


No matter you know the meaning of each word or not, reading novel will enrich your vocabulary. Rather than reading an article which only contains several words, a novel gives you hundreds new words to be learned by you.

In this term, you can interpret the meaning of a word without open a dictionary. So, you’re not only learn new words but also interpret it based on the general meaning of the text.


2. Listening to a Song


Music industry always tries to create new songs. Learning from a song will improve your ability in pronouncing each word which is used in the song. You will learn the literary meaning as well, since a song usually uses literal meaning inside.

By using a song to study new language, you will enjoy your learning process without losing the benefit of language learning itself.


3. Watching Movie


What a great news right?? Watching movie is not only a kind of hobby but also will give you another benefit. That is learning new language.

If you want to learn Japanese, you should watch Doraemon or other Japan Cartoon movies. You also will know how the expression of the character when they use a word, phrase, or even sentence. Enjoy your film and happy learning.


4. Know Their Culture


Getting to know your target language learning by deeply understand the culture where the language come from is a must. Language is part of culture. Regarding their culture will lead you to have a great impression in understanding the language.

The use of a word in a language will be possibly different in some areas though it has the same meaning. A word could be interpreted in some meaning depend on how it used.

So, it will be better for you to comprehend the culture in order to know how to use the language properly.


5. Learn Form the Native Speaker


One of the most effective ways in learning a new language is that come to the native speaker. You will know their expression, body movement, and the way they pronounce a word.

Learning language through its indigenous speaker will give you much more benefits than you only study independently or get learning from a non native speaker.


6. Writing


You will more understand a lesson by writing. In writing, you will also read your own sentence. It helps your ability to comprehend what have you earn from your lesson.

Don’t forget to ask someone who is a native or near native to proofread your writing. Ask his advice in order to improve your language skill better.


7. Play a Game


There are many games that can be used as the tools to help you learn foreign language. Via playing a game such as the hanger game, scrabble, or other language games, you are given a fun way of language learning.

Play the game with your partner and get points as many as possible. You’re not only play a game for wasting time but also learning much more vocabularies.


8. Keep Practice


Practices make perfect. That’s what a wise person said. Gaining something needs struggle. Practice is the way of a language learner to improve his ability in deeply understand the language itself.

Learning language is about memorizing the vocabularies. Then, it will be embedded within the brain by practicing regularly.


So, what do you think?


Those are the ways to learn a new language. The result will be based on how serious you learn it. Bilingualism or multilingualism gives you much benefit in order to ease you gaining new knowledge or even money. Happy Learning!!!