5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Warm Weather

Warm weather is around the corner. After being cooped up for so long, most people are looking forward to spending some time outdoors, enjoying the sun and fresh air. To be sure you get the most out of it, here are five ways to help you get started preparing your yard.

Start With Cleaning

Winter weather can wreak havoc on a lawn. It can blow debris into your yard, knock over items that are already in your yard, and cause dead tree branches to fall. And as no one wants to be out in that weather for long, the mess tends to hang around.

Start preparing for warmer weather by getting your yard cleaned up first. And while you’re at it, clean your yard tools, as well. Debris can get stuck in mowers, on rakes, and more. Clean them out before you need to use them, as this will make any other task you need to do simpler.

Break Out the Trimmer

Trees go through a lot during the winter, and many of the branches die off. However, it can be difficult to see that from afar. Prune your trees now or call in the professionals to come to clean up your trees. This will help you locate and address any dead branches you find before they have the chance to fall on someone or something.

Check Your Sprinkler

Whether it’s to water your lawn or to let your kids have fun in the sun, you want to be sure your sprinkler system is working properly. Cold months can impact their performance, but you don’t want to find out that’s the case when you’re ready to turn it on.

Check to make sure it’s working as it should now. If you notice any issues, have sprinkler repair Denver CO-based to be sure it’s ready to go when you need it.

Plan Your Design

If you’re hoping to plant a garden or do some landscaping, it’s best to start planning ahead of time. You don’t want to be halfway through the spring or summer months before you’ve been able to get started putting your ideas to work.

Instead, start getting your ideas together and on paper. And consider calling in a specialist to help you determine how to bring your ideas to life, as they can help with the design and let you know what will work well for your space.

Once you have your design planned out, start your shopping. The earlier you can begin, the fewer crowds you have to fight and the more likely you’ll be able to find the items you want and need.

Clean the Grill

Most people take advantage of warm weather by firing up their grill and enjoying some family cookouts. If you fall into this category, get out your grill cleaning tools and scrub it down.

Don’t let the heat sneak up on you. Get started with these five steps so that you can be ready to enjoy your yard this spring and summer.