How Roger’s Hell Turned into Heaven’s Glory

Roger is a member of our family. He has gone through hell and back many times. He decided one day he wanted to stop walking through hell, and find peace and happiness within his life. Here are some ways he has been trying to change his life for the better. Roger gave me his permission to write an article about how Hell stopped holding him captive. Now, his Hell has turned into Heaven’s Glory.

Roger sent me this message:

I walk for 40 minutes 3 times a day after every small meal. Add 40 times 3 equals 1 hour and 20 minutes of walking every day. I do that for 2 reasons. 1- I do that to do my walking exercises. 2- I walk slowly because I want to take in everything I see that God has created like fresh air, trees, grass, flowers, sky, birds, squirrels etc. I start my day by reading the Bible and the Portals Of Prayer. I am trying to turn myself around and get into better health because I have gone through absolute hell and torture so bad that only Jesus Christ knows it. I PERSONALLY KNOW WHAT HELL IS! Trust me I would not wish that on anyone. I could have died because of the things that I went through. My hell was so overwhelming that at my level most people would’ve commit suicide. That is no lie. Why commit suicide? Why would you destroy something that your parents and God have made? When you do that you’re hurting God, your loved ones and your parents. Also when I am down and out I listen to Indian Classical Music for inner peace, meditation, love, tranquility and for healing. That actually works also. I never feel alone anymore because no matter what Jesus is always with me no matter what and forever. Try all of this. It works. All you have to do is try. Try it out. A couple of strange things happened to me that I cannot explain while I was walking. What happened was I was walking around one day then out of the blue suddenly I felt this VERY POWERFUL shower of incredible happiness and peace that only God can give. I was in a shower of love and peace to the point that I almost felt heaven. I must be doing something right.


Roger is happy in spite of his life that felt like he was in hell itself. Sometimes the medications he took affected his mood in a scary way. He would talk more than a little depressed. I was concerned about his overall health. He decided to make some changes. These changes took courage in many ways.


Roger felt his mind was going to snap if he did not change some things. He is a diabetic and knew he had to change his lifestyle. He is the old Roger once again, which is full of happiness and good cheer for all to see.

Roger eats healthy now, has more faith, and has turned his past from hell into heaven’s glory.

The featured image on this article belongs to me.