Rainy Day Hair Tips

aol-1271896_960_720 rain pixabay

The calendar may say it is spring. However, mother nature continues to give us a variety of weather every day. Some of those days do include a few days of warmth and sun. But overall the days include rain. Rainy days can wreck havoc to our moods. They can also wreck havoc to our hair. Yet, there are some tips that can help us avoid having flat hair all day. Here are a few to try:

1. Be sure to completely blow dry your hair. You want to start out with your hair completely dry. As you are blow drying your hair, you can also use a round brush to add some volume.
2. Use an anti-frizz spray in your hair. This will help keep those stray strands in place. It will even help those of us with mostly straight hair, especially those of us who have that annoying one curl in back that wants to curl up on its own, whenever it chooses.
2. Go light on the hair spray and all other products you are using, even the anti-frizz spray. Remember water and products can make your hair gooey.
3. Skip the ponytail and consider wearing your hair in an updo, if you have the length. It will look like you put more effort into your look and it will still be easier to manage in the damp weather.
4. Of course, you know that you should stay out of the rain, as much as you can to keep your hairstyle intact. The best way to do this is by using an umbrella. Hats and caps would just beat up your hairstyle.
5. If you do get wet from the rain, don’t freak. Sometimes fixing your hair may just mean letting it dry and raking your fingers through it a little. Remember the tassled messy look is considered sexy by most people.

Photo Source: Pixabay