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What means sun for us?

What means sun for us?

What means sun for us?

The sun is the source of life on our planet. The sun is a heat source, due to sun the water is a liquid, the air remains as a gases, come winds and currents, going time of year change. In addition without a sun there would not be photosynthesis in the plants, and without plant food would collapse the entire food chain. Without a sun our planet would be blind darkness and disappear moonlight. In addition, without this enormous source of energy would not be life.

In fact, all the fossil fuels that we use – oil, gas, coal – this is solar energy, thanks to chemical reactions that took place in plants, preserved in the planet’s crust. Even the wind turbine would not work without the sunlight, wind is only a solar energy tank and the wind power takes only a very small percentage of that energy. No wonder that the solar power plant is rapidly gaining popularity and their construction and projects – momentum.

Solar symbols we find all over the world cultures. It was considered a symbol of life and energy, it is not surprising that since the ancient people are accompanied by the bunch of stylized images of the sun. The ancient Chinese Sun attributed to male Yang . They realized this celestial body as a cosmic eye, monitoring people. For the alchemists sun is sol, its esoteric meaning – mind, intellect. Gold is the material, tangible, earthly solar expression. In the earth’s crust are found bronze, gold, diamonds, rubies and topaz are also considered solar symbols.

In astrology, the Sun is also associated with individuality, inner personal characteristics expression on the outside. ME, that is shared with friends, family, colleagues and others. At the human birth time the sun is in a certain zodiac, namely this mark becomes his zodiac. Through it reflects the sign’s and its managing properties, visual angle of the world.

Given values to sun: life, power, energy, strength, clarity, individuality.
In Christianity, the sun is the home of Archangel Michael, it is also one of the symbols of Christ. In ancient Egypt, it was identified with Horus, Ra, Osiris. In Greek mythology the sun as well as in China was identified with eye – the sun is the eye of Zeus. In Hindu mythology – Varun eye.

Animals considered solar symbols: the eagle (the rising sun),  tiger (sunset), hawk, lion, salamander, pheasant, rooster, horse, swan, hedgehog, sheep, spider, dragon.
Flowers, assigned with this planet: lotus, rose, sunflower, chrysanthemum.
Other solar symbols: swastika , spiral, wheel, disk, heart, face, eyes, circle.

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