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College life

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College life

“College” , A word that brings back the memories of many people who once used to study in a college. Well, i must say the good memories , College life is the best part of one’s life as we can enjoy these days to the fullest that too with our friends. Actually college is meant for studies, but i guess college is much more of the enjoyment than studies, apart from studies in colleges we also have co-curricular activities, that are the roots of a well developed personality.

I am also a college student, so i think i can perfectly describe what actually college life is…

The best thing i found about my college life is my friend circle, and i must suggest you guys that these are the only precious days when a person can enjoy his/her life to the fullest with your friends.

Best you can do !

Personally what I want is having a break from studies and want to hangout with friends but this doesn’t happen most of the times,lol, but when all the friend circle finally get to hangout, i cannot explain how cool and memorable that feeling is,there are no boundations of enjoyment.You can enjoy as much as you want but, actually in my experience, this “break from the studies” never end, but friends at the same time we must also keep in mind that college is actually meant for studies. I’ve seen people relaxing. Enjoyment is okay but our first priority should be career.


Now you must be think that if college life is one best thing of life, then whats the other thing to compare with this.

Yes friends, you are thinking right, I am talking about school life

I consider college life more enjoyable than school life because i am the type of person who likes absolute freedom, and i got that freedom in college, unlike school where we have the boundations of the teachers and school’s rules and regulations.

Well, that’sĀ  what my opinion is, tell me whats yours thinking about it. šŸ˜€

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  1. Nice post. Once i was a coolege student also. But I am regretting that i didnt finish my studies. I am a happy go lucky during my college days. It was so much fun during those times but didnt gave me fun on my present :D. Anyway i hope you would read some of my posts too. Thanks

  2. hello! nice post! i could still remember my college days. haha. it was full of pressures and deadlines. well, just enjoy life and you’ll learn more hn you could ever imagine.


    yeah, these are awesome days i must say, because no one knows what happens in future,so we must enjoy, anyway thanks for reading.

  4. Very well written….i was even imagining all my cllg friend while reading it…the cllg life is surely a break from the strict schedule….cllg teaches us to live free and to work on our abilities…it is that part of our whole life which is spent laughing ,giggling…roaming and fun….love my cllg life…love my friends…loved your article


    thanks a lot, even i have the same feeling . Looking forward to read your articles. šŸ˜€


    It is always a happy moment when you think of School or college. The great days of our life.


    Yea buddy, the golden period with full freedom and no tension. The best a person can get, haha,..

  8. I’m currently in college and I must say it is one of the best times of my life (up to date.) It sure is stressful and a lot to handle but the friendships and the excitement make it all worth it!


    Yes , i guess the biggest stress is to submit assignments and presentations time to time. Lol

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