Why home delivery businesses are booming

Home delivery is a burgeoning market. From groceries to garments, people are increasingly ordering items to be delivered to their doors. But what exactly has led to the rise in popularity of these services? Here, we take a look at a couple of factors that have contributed to this trend.

The rising power of the web

The popularity of home deliveries has been boosted hugely by the rising power of the web. Although many people still like visiting shops to stock up on products, an increasing number of consumers are choosing to buy items online and get the goods delivered to their doors instead. Highlighting this, the IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index reveals that online retail sales in the UK hit £133 billion in 2016. This was an increase of £18 billion (15.9 percent) compared with the previous year. Much of this increase came from mobile commerce, with sales made via smartphones increasing by nearly half year-on-year.

The fact is, rather than automatically hitting the high street or visiting a retail park when they need to stock up on products, many people now choose to peruse the web to find the things they’re looking for.

Marketing that really connects

Home delivery businesses are also benefiting from shrewd marketing techniques that are helping them to really connect with consumers. One company that understands the power of effective marketing is HelloFresh.

The international business, which specializes in delivering boxes of ingredients along with recipe ideas, turned to face-to-face marketing experts at https://www.wolfwinner.com/ to help it reach out to consumers. Speaking to the Telegraph, co-founder of the company Patrick Drake revealed that, to begin with, he and his team had trouble getting people to understand the concept behind the business. He added that they had to show consumers that the service wasn’t an additional specialty product and expense, but instead a convenient replacement for their regular food shop.

According to Mr. Drake, you can’t simply take out a billboard to convey this point. Instead, you have to talk to customers directly. This is why HelloFresh turned to Appco and its network of self-employed brand ambassadors. In a video message thanking these sales specialists, the businessman said they were helping to take the organization to the next level. He stated that they are out there explaining to people how the service works and getting them excited about it.

As well as getting assistance from direct sales specialists such as Appco Group, which also offers fundraising services to a range of organizations, home delivery businesses can harness the power of social media to generate interest. Posting messages and competitions on sites like Twitter and Facebook can be a quick and cost-effective way to communicate with consumers.

By tapping into people’s increasing reliance on the web and making the most of effective marketing strategies, home delivery businesses look set to continue their growth.