What key styling tricks will give my home interiors a fresh look?

Sprucing up one’s house can be exceedingly fun. People spend the majority of their time either at work, school or at home. Due to the pandemic, people stopped stepping out and were forced to coop themselves in their houses, where most realized that a lot of interior work needed to be done. Some people also do it for fun, while others genuinely need a little pick me up for their homes.

Tweaking one’s house can be a therapeutic moment. Home interior designers in Bangalore have concocted a list of different elements that can instantly liven your space. Your house does not have to be trendy or even match everybody else’s expectations, just your own.

These things can take time and cost big money; hence the interior designers in Bangalore have helped streamline measures that can change the look of their homes.

In revamping a home, a little goes a long way. You do not have to target all house elements, but some might also make a world of difference. Try to change your color palette, ornaments, furniture, or something else. It might seem challenging at first, but the result will leave you in awe.



  • Plants

Plants, whether they are fake or original, are the most cost-effective and healthy way to brighten up one’s space. They become vivid colors and instantly catch a person’s attention. Natural plants are a great source of fresh oxygen and greenery, dwindling in the outside world due to more commercialization. They are also easy to maintain because these plants do not require rampant watering or sunlight. They thrive with minimal care.

  • Redesign your bookshelf

Bookshelves can be used to keep not only one’s books but also other sculptures and candles. Scented candles have become the rage, and people cannot get enough of them. Imagine the two most calming elements gathered in one place that can sublimate your home’s facade. Bookshelves are enormous and occupy substantial space in the house. Hence it is only fair to redesign them.

  • Do not shy away from black

Unlike in fashion, black can be an intimidating color in interior design. We do not see many homes implementing this color because it is difficult to style. Black paint creates a homely vibe and compliments a rustic yet contemporary look. Pair it up with vintage furniture and golden ornaments. You could also invest in other art and paintings.

  • It’s time to put that empty fireplace to good use.

It is virtually impossible to use the fireplace 365 days a year. Some days will be hotter and do not need that kind of effort. But leaving it hollow gives the illusion of a space that can be used for something else. The fireplace is an impeccable area for great creativity with tinier designs, cutlery, sculptures, and other ornaments. Women’s figurines have become exceedingly common in most contemporary homes.

  • Let that natural light flow through.

Natural light has a myriad of benefits. It is an amazing source of vitamin D that is beneficial for the body. It also induces happiness and positivity among people. But most importantly, it provides the house with an illusion of being more open with good energy. Large windows that have light flowing through them instantly become enticing for anyone who walks into that house. The human body needs more connection with nature and its elements.


These tricks will liven up one’s home.