Understanding how Mental health can lead to the stressful world of hoardering

Many people today have busy, stressful lives. Hoarding may tend to happen when too much stress has entered in someone’s thoughts. There are some people that do not know how to manage their time wisely. These types of people become more and more fatigued, and start doing less when it comes to keeping their homes clean.

In the last few years, I have had the unpleasant opportunity to see a few homes that have turned into the house of a hoarder. This can lead to many homes being destroyed  due to to lack of care for long periods of time. Long periods of neglect can lead to wall damage, fire hazards and many more reasons for concern.

Many people today have mental health issues. These concerns can lead to things like hoarding. Hoarders will start hoarding things under their beds until it gets so full that even the bed frames are damaged.

Hoarders can tend to overspend. They may have a lot of mental health issues and tend to need to compulsively shop. They are usually not very contented people about many things. They keep trying to lift their spirits in unhealthy ways, and  will over spending is a result.

Hoarders may also tend to have too many pets. It is hard for them to feel satisfied for very long about one pleasure they may own. They might tend to want more than a few types of pets. They may have 3-5 dogs and 3-4 cats. They might even add birds to their list of pets. The care alone can be costly but also cause much more maintenance.  More care may be required in order to keep their environment clean. Most hoarders will not clean well after these types of animals. Many germs can be spread to other people as well as it can be spread to the other animals around them.

Try to remember– anyone could become a hoarder if their lives get out of control. Stay focused, and try not to procrastinate.

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