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Tips for selecting a good metal finishing company

Metal finishing is a critical process in many industries. With so many metal finishing treatments and companies coming up, all claiming to be perfect, getting the right metal finishing service may seem challenging and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you find a high-quality metal finishing company.

Know the metal finishing services offered

Before making any financial commitments to any metal finishing company, it’s important to confirm whether the services they offer meet your needs. Metal finishing services enhance appearance, durability, and strength. That means you need a professional metal finishing company to help you achieve the right results. Knowing the capabilities of your potential metal finishing service provider, you can have the peace of mind that they will deliver the desired quality.

Check defect rates

Don’t relax when you find that your prospective metal finishing company offers all the services you’re looking for. Instead, focus more on defect rates. While mistakes do happen at some point, no matter the process, high defect rates can be disastrous for your business. However, any professional company should have a reasonable defect rate that will not affect your order. Always inquire about their defect rate or research to find the information yourself.  Companies with a high defect rate are likely to push deadlines to make time for defective pieces, ultimately costing you time and money.

Check for quality guarantee

Like any other industry, metal finishing has companies that deliver high-quality work and others that deliver cheap, low-quality work.  When it comes to metal finishing, the goal is most often simple and non-negotiable—high quality. Most businesses in the metal finishing industry deliver high-quality work, which also comes at a higher cost. No matter the type of application, make sure that you’re satisfied with the service outcome. Inconsistent results can jeopardize the functionality of your products, which can harm your business reputation.

Enquire about the certifications they hold

Any certified professional metal finishing company should have the necessary documents to meet standards, best practices, and regulatory requirements. The ideal company should have important documents like insurance and third-party certifications that reinforce responsibility and professionalism.

Check customer service

Customer service is quite important, especially in business-to-business relationships. With quality customer service, you’re guaranteed that there are guidelines to resolve problems if anything goes wrong. When finding a metal finishing company, enquire about after-sales customer service and how their refund policy works. Pay close attention to how you’re treated. A company that values your time and effort will ensure that you’re comfortable dealing with them by providing a healthy and productive working relationship that benefits both parties.

They should provide customized solutions

A good metal finishing company should be up to date with the latest methods of metal finishing and should focus on becoming an extension of its customers’ businesses. Professional companies work on creating long-lasting relationships by providing excellent services. You want to choose a company that will go out of its way to provide custom solutions for you. They should be your go-to people to help you bring ideas to life. That means they should be versatile, collaborative, and responsive.