Tips for Moving Out of an Apartment

Moving is hard. It is one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. Moving out of a large apartment building with limited space and only one elevator may seem impossible. But don’t worry. If you plan ahead and follow some simple suggestions, you’ll be enjoying your new pad before you know it.

Move Large Items First

In apartment buildings, the biggest issue is space. Somehow, when you take all of your belongings out and pack them into boxes they seem to take up twice as much room. Moving large items around stacks of boxes becomes futile. So, get rid of large items first. Hire professionals to move particularly cumbersome items, like a piano. It is worth the money. Pool table movers Durham NC will usually even level the table for you once it’s in the new location. Keep the essential furniture you need to live and move the rest into temporary storage.

Reserve Elevator Time

Reserving elevator time is a step that many people overlook. However, when you are hogging the elevator and getting nasty looks from your neighbors, you’ll wish you had done it. Make no mistake, you will be monopolizing the elevator for a while. Give your neighbors a heads up so they can adjust their schedules accordingly. If you have a doorman, you may be able to schedule moving times with them. If not, reach out to your landlord. They may give you access to a service elevator, which will make everyone’s lives easier.

Pack In Everything

You should not be moving anything that is empty. In order to maximize space and limit wasteful packing materials, use what you’ve got. Knives can be moved inside oven mitts. Clothes can be moved inside dresser drawers. Why take them out just to put them back in? Use your towels instead of bubble wrap to cushion fragile items. Pack dishes in your suitcases. Get creative.