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The Air Duct Cleaning Process

When air duct professionals first enter a home or business, they always know within the first couple of minutes whether the system(s) were improperly installed, and/or if they have been properly maintained. If you’re like most homeowners who do regular cleaning such as dishes, laundry and dusting (and some vacuuming), then you may be familiar with the dust and dirt found in your air ducts. Unfortunately, most people do not realize how dirty their air ducts are until they have an inspection done. On average, return duct systems can collect anywhere from 5-10 pounds of dust per year!

“If it looks dirty, it probably is.” If you see visible amounts of pet hair, dust or debris in the air ducts, this is a good indication that they should be inspected. While having your air duct system inspected, our professionals will use specially designed devices to determine how much debris is in the air ducts and where it is located.

The amount of debris found typically varies between one residence/business to the next. There are some factors which could increase or decrease the amount of debris in your system, but they are not necessarily negative conditions that need correcting. Some examples of these factors include number of pets, children and overall general cleanliness found at the residence/business.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process is a three-step process beginning with a visual observation to determine the amount of debris collected in the system. Secondly, we use a powerful vacuum pump and/or an air-wand (a long flexible hose-like device with a brush on one end) to remove loose debris and dust from all components in the duct work. Finally, we will use specialized equipment and cleaning agents which are added to your system within the ductwork that will help eliminate contamination. We then use a powerful vacuum/air wand combination to deeply clean the remaining components of your air ducts, removing any dirt, dust or debris which may have been missed.

A key factor in determining if your system should be cleaned is by visual inspection of the amount of debris inside the ductwork. If there is an excessive amount of visible dirt or dust, then your heating and cooling system should be cleaned to prevent future damage to your HVAC unit which could lead to costly repairs down the road.

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