Why smartphones heat up and how to deal with it

Besides several issues, one main issue most of us face these days is smartphone heating. So how does it happen? And how can we fix it? Phone getting warm during playing games and watching videos is an ordinary. But overheating can damage devices and affect performance.

Why smartphones heat up and how to deal with it
Heating up of a smartphone depends on various factors including the type of processor, the apps running at that time and the level of multi-tasking. Other factors include leaving your smartphone out in direct sunlight and much more. A lot of flagship smartphones including the Xperia Z5 have been affected by this issue.
The main impact heat has on the battery is that it speeds up its degradation and thus more rapidly reduces its capacity, leaving you with a dead battery sooner. Another symptom is that it can cause a lithium-ion battery to explode (Galaxy Note 7). Having said that, we cannot blame on a single issue for overheating.
In order to avoid overheating, you can follow the below tips.

Turn off unwanted functions:

Since the inception of Jio 4G data and others, we always leave our mobile data turned ‘ON’ even if we are not using. The same applies to Location or GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, and other options as well. If in case the GPS is on, you will observe a higher battery drain and also your phone continues to search for the GPS signal and cause heating.

Don’t run too many apps:

Running of too many apps can literally cause overheating to your smartphones sometimes if it’s not well optimized. In this case, you can use cleaning apps like CCleaner, Cleanmaster, and others to kill the apps running on background.


Make sure you update all your apps and OS on time. If not chances are your smartphone is running un-optimized Apps and OS, which in turn causes warming/heating your smartphone.

App installation:

Install the app that you regularly use, if don’t install. Sometimes the app you don’t use ends up running in the background, consuming the processor, storage and other aspects of internals.


Make sure you always charge your phone with genuine charger and not the fake one. Because, the original charger will be optimized for the device, whereas, the fake one does not have proper current flow. Also, don’t play games or use data to watch videos when your smartphone is charging.