An electrician repairing a fuse box

Signs You Should Call an Electrician

Each year, there are over 50,000 house fires caused by electrical malfunctions. While these fires can be devastating, they can also be prevented.

Knowing the signs, you should call for electrical repair or electrical installation services New Jersey is essential to prevent electrical fires and other potential hazards.

Flickering Lights

The lights in your house may flicker for several reasons. A single flickering light may be an indication of a wiring issue with that specific fixture. However, if the fixture flickers and buzzes simultaneously, it may indicate an arc fault in your wiring.

If you notice a few lights dimming or flickering when an appliance turns on, it’s an indication the circuit box needs additional electrical service. The appliance is likely drawing excessive power, pulling electricity from the smaller fixtures in your home. If the problem persists, it could cause a serious and dangerous overload.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Your circuit breakers may trip if electrical devices demand excessive power through the wires, all at the same time. Usually, this tripping only happens from time to time if too many high-power devices are turned on or plugged in at once.

However, suppose your circuit breaker is regularly tripping. In that case, it may be an indication that your home isn’t receiving enough electrical service and that the breaker box is overloaded from your day-to-day activities.

Excessive Extension Cord Use

If you plug in too many extension cords to one outlet, you will likely overload the circuit. Try to reduce extension cord use, and if needed, have more outlets added to the room where they are being used.

As you can see, there are several situations when you may need the services of an electrician. Keep this in mind to keep your home and family safe and prevent issues that may lead to a fire or other situation.