Why do most of the people nowadays do love taking pictures anywhere and anytime? They are even taking pictures of their food before consuming it. Almost everything that they do they are taking a pictures of it.

Well, what people do nowadays aren’t bad at all because those pictures will make you remember those good times when you look at it after a couple of days, months, years or even decades. It will make you smile and you’ll feel like you want to turn back the time and feel that moment again.

By taking pictures and keeping those memories will save the image of those people who wasn’t with you anymore so whenever you miss them you still have a photo to look at to and their memories will live forever even if they are lying down a couple of feet below the ground or they already turned to ashes.

Memories gives us a real nice feeling and sometimes it makes us cry. But no matter what keeping memories will make your heart feel full. It will make you feel complete.

So now, there’s no reason for you to smile and take a selfie in front of thousands of people because just like everyone in this planet you are just saving those happy moments and you are just making memories.

There’s no reason for you to be shy to ask your friends to take a group picture of you and your friends. Memories makes us feel alive and unlike the human’s life, memories will live forever.

The day will come that we will be leaving this world and will go to the furthest kingdom but the memories that we made with the people we love and the places we’ve been to will never vanish and will always be in the hearts of those people who you created memories with.