Life's colors

Life’s colors

Life’s colors

Sometimes I think that if you want to punish someone, probably enough to take away solitude from him. In fact – that would really be a punishment. In the whirl of life, if there would not be moments of solitude, which allow to ponder many things, put the points over our past events and begin to write a new future, this life would be very gray.  Often we say that we are running from loneliness, but in reality, without it would be even worse.

I really need it. If I could not get into the depth of my homestead, if I would not have those moments when I am alone, it seems to me that I would not more feel pleasure of writing, reading, pleasure of the creation processes. In those moments sometimes we may mentally curse when is raining, sitting inside, but exactly looking at the autumn rain so often are born nice plans, that these moments of solitude you remember as the most creative. But on the other hand, I would not wish people to remain lonely because a solitude and loneliness – it’s two different things. We do not need to be lonely, but to stay alone with yourself it’s worth for each of us.

As long as you are young, you often think, why did not do something otherwise, and maybe better you would have done differently, but eventually you realize that nothing can be returned because you accept many things as necessary, inevitable.

I just think, apparently, that is my fate, and I have been taught by life that destiny must be respected. You do not need to run away from it, try to avoid, but on the other hand, do not be a hostage of your fate. However, a balance must be found, and when you find it, then you realize that everything had to be exactly as it is.

Sometimes I think that is very hard, but when this severity passes, you realize that without hard moments can not be happiness. Everything in life sooner or later will pass. When there is a very very bad, it will pass soon; when you are excited, feel joy and think that you climb the peak of happiness, you must realize that it will pass also.

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