How to weight loss in 15 days

How to weight loss in 15 days
In many publications it has set itself the attention that maintain their ideal body weight promotes good health, which is currently the proportion of the population are overweight or obese is significant that a hundred million years of heredity have favored during the famine, those who accumulated fat in times of plenty, that losing weight is consequently difficult for most people and that dieting fashionable and miracle cures are not losing weight.

So, what should you do to reduce your weight?
The only way to lose weight is to make sure that, regularly, the food intake provides substantially less energy (expressed in kilojoules or calories) of the cost to heat the body to carry out normal activities and to practice physical exercise.

When reducing the food intake, the metabolism decreases by about 15%. The margin between the energy used and that provided by the diet must be of at least 25% and preferably 40%.
If a woman who normally consumes 2000 calorie following a diet that provides 1500, the margin between her reduced utilization (2000-15%) and her intake is only 200 calorie per day.
This means that it would take over 5 weeks to lose 1 kg, a weight reduction unacceptable.
Therefore, if the energy gap is inadequate, the weight reduction is so slow that motivation is lost.
The normal power consumption of most women, unless they regularly do strenuous exercise, is about 2,000 calorie per day.

Excess weight increases this value but, since this causes even more sedentary, it is more reasonable to consider the 2,000 calorie reference. The men usually consume more energy, but it is better not to consider this fact.
The males, in fact, following the same weight-loss diet, lose weight more quickly and are an advantage because men are normally less patient when it comes to losing weight.
Recent studies have confirmed that when you lose weight, whatever the diet followed, the body mass lost (considering weeks after the first, when the loss is composed from 20% of reserve carbohydrates and 80% water) it is always It made up of 75% fat and 25% of other components of the organism (including proteins).
So, the loss of 1 kg requires a total expenditure of approximately 7,000 calorie. On this basis it is possible to demonstrate that with a contribution of:

1,200 calorie per day (on average, a quantity considered in the diets), weight loss is about 0.3-0.7 kg per week
800 calorie per day, the loss is about 0.7-1.4 kg per week
500 calorie per day, the loss is about 1.5-2.5 kg per week
But then there is the perfect weight loss diet? Unfortunately the answer is “no.” Who should be able to formulate a multimillionaire would become in a short time.
When it comes to food, everyone has their own preferences. As a result, many of those working in this field recognize that having a choice between various diets is considered an advantage, provided that the principles are adopted to guarantee their safety, even after prolonged adoption.

What then are these safety requirements?
The minimum daily intake of protein should be 50 grams. Currently that level is lower, but it is the opinion of experts from around the world that it is recommended an additional amount.
The minimum daily intake of fat, to ensure the proper intake of fatty acids and to promote bile flow, is about 7 grams per day.

With a daily intake to 1,400 calorie infer it is virtually impossible, by following a diet consisting of foods normal; bring the body in the long run, sufficient vitamins and minerals especially.
In this case, the diet should also include vitamin and mineral supplements or food replacement compounds that provide at least minimum contributions of vital elements (particularly protein, vitamins and minerals). Since during the diet you lose many fluids, fluid intake should not be high in calories.
If you follow these few simple principles, it is easy to stick to a diet? Again the answer is “no.” Follow a diet is really tiring, but the following suggestions may be helpful.

Initially, we must not put a goal of losing weight too difficult to achieve. Losing just 5-10% of your weight reduces many health problems. You have to lose weight a bit ‘at a time, in an intelligent way.
Will and motivation are crucial. Many believe that the encouragement of individual and group helpful.
The regular exercise helps a lot.
Unfortunately, many of those who are overweight find it difficult to perform physical activity in sufficient quantity so that it can give good results.
These people should however be encouraged to persevere in.
You especially need to be aware that the weight that is lost should not be resumed.