How To Set Up Your Company’s VPN

With the pandemic happening, your staff has made the decision to work from home instead of coming into the office. They need access to your company’s database to do their tasks and complete their projects. Setting up a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, lets them retrieve the information they need safely over the internet. Here is how you set one up.

Choose a Company To Work With

There are multiple organizations that offer this service to businesses. Your first step is to find one that works with your employees while fitting in your budget. If you need assistance getting started, contact your local software and consulting firm so that they can point you in the right direction. Look for one that accommodates every staff member that opts to work from home. You might want to purchase a few additional licenses for those who change their mind or are hired on after to make your decision. Ensure that it has quality security to prevent hackers from stealing your data as it transfers from your location to the person who requested it.

Download the Program

Once you have chosen a provider, download the software that they have provided to you. This could be a program or an application. This will need to be done with every system that intends to use this tool, especially the servers that hold your database. Open an account with the organization so that you can monitor and make changes to it. When the level of security that you desire is established, set up a time to train your employees to use it. Write up an easy to follow instruction manual for them to refer to if they have a question. Assist them with their logins and then how to connect to your facility. Be sure that their laptop or device is online before you send them to work.