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I am again here to continue my topic for sharing motivational tips for students.

1- Varying your environment can also be just the thing a reluctant student needs to find fresh motivation-
for making a good interest in the class, field trips are always a great way to learn, but if you can’t do so, then take your class outside for the lesson. Your students may also benefit from a class meeting in the library or in other classroom. Try setting your student to research in libraries and observe other class, or listen to native speakers in public area. There is always language to be learned, so meet your listening, speaking, and reading goals outside the confinement of students’ tables.

2- Providing students with accountability is an important element of being a teacher-
Without the idea of a deadline and a grade, many students would never have the self-motivation that is required to successfully learn a language. Always be clear with your students when you tell them your expectations. Always make sure that the students know the deadline for a project completion and what standards you will use to assess that project. This will get them to be self motivated learners and help them engage themselves in the learning process.

3- Have you ever seen a child, or perhaps you have one, who is angelic when in public and a terror at home?
Some young people have same behavior patterns when it comes to classroom, and for the teachers, it is misbehavior which is done repeatedly, but a substitute teacher would never know it. But you can break them out of this pattern by bringing outside influences into your class room. Invite a guest speaker or trade classes for a period with a fellow teacher. A minor change in the style and authority may be enough to spark some motivation in the students.

4- Competition is great ways to motivate students- People do not support posting grades publicly and embarrassing the students, but there are many ways to foster a friendly spirit of competition in your class. Games are fun for reviewing and motivate and engage students. You can also group the students and set them a challenge. So try setting some competition, which will motivate your students.

5- One never fail motivational method you can use with your students is giving rewards-
Try providing some motivational excitement like, tell your students that you will have a pizza party if they gain 80% marks in exam. Or else if they will complete the class novel, you will spend time in watching movie. Provide some rewards which motivates your student to give their best. Students look forward to even the simple pleasures that you can dole out on an ordinary day.

6- Finally, though not as enjoyable as other techniques to motivate, consequences of certain actions can also be a motivator to students- try to make your expectations clear to your students and communicate your student what the consequences will be to certain behavior or work ethic. No one likes to be punished but when positive reinforcement and lively change ups do not work, sometimes there has to be negative consequences to your student’s action. Communicate with a child’s parents if possible when necessary.