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How To Improve Your Apartment Complex

As the owner of an apartment complex, you want to attract high-quality renters who pay on time, respect the property, and remain tenants for a long time. Of course, to attract quality renters, you need to offer a quality living experience. Doing what you can to improve your property will help you ensure you attract good renters.

Install a Fence Around Your Property

Is your apartment complex fenced in? If not, now is the time to contact fence installation companies in Forest Lake IL. An unfenced complex is left vulnerable. Passersby who use your property as a shortcut may make tenants feel unsafe or could even cause problems by leaving trash on the ground, damaging vehicles, or breaking into apartments. Even if you only fence in the sides and back of your complex property, you make it harder for people to cut through, meaning fewer non-tenants on the grounds.

Create an Outdoor Gathering Space

After a long Illinois winter, people want to spend time outdoors. If your tenants only have cramped front stoops or back porches to barbecue or otherwise enjoy the spring or summer weather, they are less likely to be interested in the property. Set up a clean, safe, and entertaining communal area for tenants to enjoy. Include seating, charcoal grills, and even a game of cornhole or horseshoes. If you have the space and the capital, adding a kid-friendly playground or splash pad will help to bring in stable families as renters.

Update Your Units Often

Even if the buildings you own are decades old, it’s important to keep them updated. At the very least, install a new stove, refrigerator, and HVAC unit to ensure everything is up to code and energy-efficient. As you can, consider installing dishwashers, modern lighting sources, new carpet or flooring, and updated bathtubs and sinks. If you’re worried about the cost update one unit at a time. As tenants move out, update the unit before listing it for rent.

Every landlord is going to deal with a problem tenant from time to time. However, the more work you put into creating a safe, inviting property, the more likely you are to attract quality renters.