Brown concrete house near swimming pool

Brilliant Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Today, having a swimming pool on your property is a necessity. It creates an excellent opportunity to gather friends and family around, whether you want to relax or make merry. Since these pools require no attention-draining technology, they allow you to reconnect with family and friends, including giving you time to relax. However, you need the best swimming pool design. The following options are worth considering.

LED Lighting

Sometimes, you’ll want to enjoy your swimming pool after dark. Having enough LED lights will help you achieve this goal. This lighting will help create an alluring glow around your swimming pool, adding a touch of class and elegance.

LED lighting assures you of unrivaled efficiency. It is significantly bright, and you can choose from various colors. Yet, you’ll not need to worry about energy consumption. At the same time, these bulbs will last for a long time, meaning you’ll not keep replacing them from time to time.

Lighting improves night-time visibility, meaning that you and your family can have a good time 24/7. The light enhances safety, highlights various water features, and boosts your mood. All you’ll need is to get a reputable professional to install it.

Dark Interior Colors

Over the years, various swimming pool designers have embraced dark interior colors. This dark color aims at holding heat for a much longer time, ensuring that the water remains warm for a long time. This aspect makes such dark colors suitable for winter, as the pool will not be as chilly.

Dark colors can complement various swimming pool styles, including simple ones. However, these colors could create a depth illusion, showing that the pool is much deeper than it is.
At the same time, this option does not show much debris, meaning you’ll not spend so much on cleaning it.

Rain Curtains

Most swimming pool experts are including rain curtains in their designs today. These rain curtains are sheets of water that fall into your above ground pools Denver-located, often from wall slits. They aim at giving the swimming pool a unique appeal.

Rain curtains will often help connect the hot tub to the pool. This aspect ensures that your backyard does not appear disjointed in the long run. In most cases, the contractor will design it to spill from the hot tub or spa to the pool. These rain curtains will also provide an entertainment element. They allow children to swim underneath them, have fun and getting entertained.

Sun Shelves

You could also refer to them as Baja shelves, tanning ledges, or tanning shelves. This flat and shallow area in the pool is designed to offer various benefits. For instance, you could rely on them to tan and lounge near the pool. In addition, its shallow design means that it is suitable for children and pets. Persons living with disabilities could also benefit from this.

In conclusion, various trendy swimming pool designs will help redefine your swimming pool experience. Those mentioned above offer a perfect starting point for most people. Feel free to consider them.