Orange and gray painted roof under cloudy

Benefits of Roof Monitoring

As a business owner, you want what’s best for your company. You’ve probably performed background checks to ensure your employees are valuable assets, and you likely have a security system that tracks who comes and goes on your property. What you might not realize is that your roof can benefit from a monitoring system as well.

Monitoring Protects Structural Integrity

Adding the roof to your overall building monitoring system is important for protecting the building itself. During the winter, snow often accumulates in large portions since it’s not warm enough to melt before more falls. Most people are so focused on clearing parking lots and roads that they forget the accumulation on the roof. When that snow builds up, it becomes quite heavy. Over time, it may become too heavy for your roof to handle and cause a potentially catastrophic collapse. A monitoring system measures the weight on your roof and lets you know when it’s time to call in a professional for snow removal.

Monitoring Saves You Money

Even if nobody is inside the building, a collapsed roof can still be catastrophic for your bank account. In addition to having to file an insurance claim, which is likely to make your policy more expensive, you may also need to pay out of pocket to repair the roof and any walls or flooring that the collapse damaged. You’ll probably also need to replace inventory or equipment, not to mention lose income while you’re closed for repairs. If someone was in the building, it gets even more expensive. Depending on how many people were injured and how badly, you will have additional insurance claims and may find yourself in court with a personal injury lawsuit.

Don’t leave yourself out in the cold. Prevent structural damage or worse. Install a roof monitoring system to ensure your building, your inventory, and of course, your people are always safe.